Business Process Outsourcing


The independent outsourcing service provided by accountants for accountants.


Our professional accountants have a complete first hand understanding of your needs and challenges. Our professional team of accountants based in Australia and India can deliver cost effective and efficient compliance work to allow you to give your clients the service they deserve.

The Services:

  • Financial Statements preparation

  • Income Tax returns

  • Superannuation Financial Statements and return

The Process:

Remote Job Processing

  • Determine which components you want to outsource

  • Complete the job checklist

  • Upload the electronic files and scanned paper files to the secure Peak Resourcing server in Australia

  • The work is produced and reviewed by Peak Resourcing using the same software that you use in your Practice

  • You will be notified by email that the client files and work papers are ready for you to download from the secure server

  • You review the work and upload onto your firm’s system

  • Present to the client

Local Job Processing

  • Determine which components you want processing on site

  • Isolate them on your system

  • We process them on your system according to your instructions

  • You review the work and migrate it onto the client’s file


Remote Employees

  • Determine what type and how many qualified employees you require and what level of experience

  • We will hire them

  • You will train them in your processes

  • Schedule them as if they are your employees working off site

The Benefits:


  • The process is secure with client integrity assured

  • Your clients are only contacted by you

Cost Effective

  • Remote and Local Job Processing

    • One set rate of $55 per hour (excl. GST) will assist with budgeting of your client’s work

  • Remote Employees

    • Price on application depending upon experience required

      • Employees range from administration to Senior Accountant

Services when you want them and when you need them

  • Prompt and efficient service during

    • peak periods

    • staff shortages

Staff Satisfaction

  • Remove the mundane and have your staff work on more interesting engagements

  • Retain your staff 


Improved Profits

  • Free up your resources to:

    • Get in front of clients

    • Produce higher margin service

Peak Resourcing is a Balance Management Pty. Ltd. company.  ACN 082 627 772