Is Peak Resourcing an Australian Company?

Yes, Peak Resourcing is an Australian company - not all outsourcing companies are and most of them don't have local representation.


Do the clients know the work is going offshore?

The Accountant agrees to disclose to their clients in their "retainer letter" and/or privacy statement provided to clients, words to the following effect:

  "By providing your personal information to [ insert name of the Client firm ] you acknowledge that this information, including your tax file number, may be shared with our staff, directors, employees, consultants or contractors who are used in the course of providing services to you."


What about security and confidentiality?

Peak Resourcing use encryption processes similar to the banking institutions to transfer information via a secure Portal with servers located in Australia.


What about profits going offshore?

Peak Resourcing is an Australian company and the Accountants employed overseas are employed by an Australian company ensuring that profits remain in Australia.

My staff will be threatened....

Yes, they will be if the rationale and reasons are not explained to them prior to the service being used.  Peak Resourcing are happy to present to firms who need to see the advantages that Outsourcing can bring.


Do I have to commit to any level of work?

No, use Peak Resourcing when you can't get team members (the number of Graduates are not fulfilling demand); when team members are on maternity leave or on sick leave; when you want to take some leave yourself (or even time off on the weekend) or when you want to free some time up for consulting work at a higher margin.


What are the components of the staff leasing fee?

The Staff leasing fee is composed of service fee and remuneration. The service fee will cover expenses such as office space, equipment, and administration management. Remuneration will cover the salary and employee benefits which will be taken care of by our partner, GSC.


Is the total fee negotiable for the staff leasing model?

Yes, the fee can be adjusted once the salary package of the candidate has been negotiated.


What hours will be covered by the leased staff?

The staff’s working hours will follow your firm’s working hours, depending on the agreement between the client and GSC.

Peak Resourcing is a Balance Management Pty. Ltd. company.  ACN 082 627 772