Peak Resourcing Outsourcing charge $55.00 per hour plus GST. Staff Leasing services will be charged according to seat fee and remuneration of the employee.

We will complete your first job free of charge and free of obligation to allow you to experience using the unique Peak Resourcing process. You can also trial a leased staff for 30 days to assess whether Staff Leasing will suit your need for a full-time remote employee.

When you are happy with the process and the results, you will be contacted to schedule your first chargeable job.

Peak Resourcing Remote Employee and Staff Leasing solutions are priced on application based on the number, type and experience of employees required. Ask for a sample quotation and be surprised at how cost effective it can be.

Peak Resourcing is a Balance Management Pty. Ltd. company.  ACN 082 627 772